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Are you ready to love PowerPoint & Excel?


Forget what you think you know about these products.

These tools are far more powerful than they get credit for. Almost everyone I work with ends up saying "I didn't know you could do that." I'll teach you easy ways to rapidly decrease the time it takes to do you normal jobs with these tools. There are several skills that will dramatically improve your capabilities and make you stand out from the crowd.


About the Trainer

Justin Hayes

Justin Hayes is a PowerPoint and Excel ninja. Not because it’s the best tool for every job, but in the consulting and government support world, it is often the only tool you have readily available.

Microsoft PowerPoint

In his 15 years of consulting experience he has seen the worst offenses in slide creation. As the de-facto language of business, we need to use PowerPoint to communicate key messages. Justin can help you make dramatic improvements in the slides you build and teach you how to simplify and beautify slides to make them more effective.

There are far better tools available for creating graphics – but you don’t always have access to those tools or the professionals who know how to use them. Justin can help you learn to make graphics that help you get noticed, get your points across, and ultimately, help you to get things done. All using a tool you already know how to use.

Microsoft Excel

Second only to PowerPoint, Excel is one of the most misused tools commonly available to office workers and consultants. But it can be very powerful with the right tips and tricks, and with a few key formulas and concepts.

There are certainly more expensive tools that can "help" you to format and analyze data, but with a few skills, you can generally do it faster and better in Excel! Let me show you how!


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